How organisations can benefit from Facebook Live

It’s the question round of Miss Universe and you’re next. ‘What is the most significant change you've seen in the world in the last 10 years?’ the host politely asks as millions lean in to hear what will surely be pearls of wisdom. At that moment what would you say? Of course there are classic responses like advances in healthcare, access to clean water and programs that are designed for that ultimate cause, world peace. Now while these are all very... continue reading

Be an advocate of the truth, learn to refine hoax news on social

What would you choose: being “uninformed” or “misinformed”? Today, being “uninformed” is not caring about the latest news or simply not being active on social media, whereas “misinformed” people are those active on social media, assuming they know everything, but get their information from a hoax source, which they then often share. Both Google and Facebook have announced plans to eliminate the circulation of fake news, kicking the fraudsters off... continue reading

Common mistakes brands make on social media

Social media isn’t new to most of us, and are often used as powerful marketing tools. However, brands are still making simple mistakes in handling their social media assets. Each social channel such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter requires a different approach to maximize their potential. Brands should also keep up to date with the latest features of these commonly used social media platforms. Small mistakes can have a negative... continue reading

Five social media metrics you should be tracking

Facebook reactions, Instagram hearts and retweets – if your business is on social media, there is a seemingly endless list of metrics you can use to track the outcomes of your social media marketing efforts. But how do you quantify the real value of a like or the benefit of engagement? If you want to substantiate the value of your business’s social media, here are five metrics you should be tracking. 1. Engagement rates on posts Measuring... continue reading

Messaging mastery on the big four social media platforms

Great content is about tailoring your messaging to your audience. Here we consider how you can make your posts on the big four social media platforms work harder for you. With so many platforms for consumers to engage on today, brands need to consider how messages are presented across multiple channels so as to make the most of each platform’s individual tools. Each platform has its own tone, etiquette and rules of engagement based on... continue reading

How are brands getting digitally creative in China?

According to CNBC, China is one of the world’s biggest luxury markets, securing close to ¥135 billion (€18 billion) in sales last year. It's no wonder then that in recent years, some of the world’s largest luxury brands have made a strong push to get cut-through in the Chinese market, and now they’re using digital to do it. From campaigns on Chinese social media behemoth WeChat to partnerships with leading Chinese influencers, here are a few ways that... continue reading

If a meme is created and nobody shares it, is it still a meme? Internet memes and their growing influence on social media

Internet memes are a part of most people’s social media experiences, and just like a virus, they spread swiftly from one person to another online. Memes may still baffle some marketers, but with millions of social media users continuing to embrace the form, there are untapped audiences waiting for businesses to step up and create engaging, relevant content. It can be problematic to define a meme, as the term can be used to describe a range of... continue reading

Social Media Snapshot: Gain Insights with Topic Data

See how social data has boomed over the past two years in our infographic. continue reading

Webinar: Social Media Crisis Management

Social media crisis management is about damage control. We’ve all seen the examples, heard of the backlash, and are often concerned about what we would do in a social media crisis. In this month’s webinar, we’ll look at how to prepare and avoid a crisis, as well as best practices should one eventuate. continue reading

Election 2016: ‘tis the season of “black propaganda”

With 37 per cent of Filipinos having internet access, and 90% of those with social media accounts, the web has a wealth of public opinions political candidates can delve into to discover meaningful insights for their campaigns. Isentia looked at volume and favourability of social media mentions for the upcoming election, to see whether buzz online will convert to votes on 9 May… In less than a week, Filipinos will elect leaders for their... continue reading

Social media's response to 'homophobic' Manny Pacquiao sees him struck from Nike's payroll

Pinoy boxing champ, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao has provoked online rage, towards both himself and brands associated with him, after reportedly comparing LGBT people to animals. Pacquiao is aiming to be elected to the senate this year, and as part of the process, TV-5 group requested an interview for its “Bilang Pilipino” election segment alongside other candidates. When asked about same-sex marriage, Pacquiao said: “Common sense lang. Makakakita... continue reading

The latest trend in social media is live streaming. Your business can use it in many innovative ways – but first, you’ll need to choose a product, or two, to try. When you’re thinking about which platform you’re going to use, you have a few options. Consider whether you want to live stream to a selected group or as many people as possible, how often you’re planning to live stream and whether you’ll be more comfortable using a computer or... continue reading

Aldub Fever – a Marketing Perspective

When brands join the bandwagon Twitter was taken by storm with “Aldub fever”, averaging 1 million social media mentions on a daily basis in past weeks. Much has been written about the love team’s success with some comparing the ratings and media strategy of two of the Philippines’ top midday shows – Eat Bulaga for GMA Network and Showtime for ABS-CBN. Aldub is a product of the unexpected pairing of actor Alden Richards and Eat Bulaga’s newest... continue reading

Facebook announces plans to introduce a 'dislike' button

With close to a billion daily active users, there's no denying that Facebook, when paired with a social media analysis service, is a powerful tool for any communication professional seeking to connect with their target market on a global digital stage.   Just how useful is Facebook's 'like' feature?   A digital thumbs up allows users to show appreciation for content, but it does have some limitations. Part of Facebook's popularity stems from the many... continue reading

Celebrities? What celebrities? Contestants steal the spotlight in The Voice Kids Philippines ahead of the grand final

(Reynan, Esang, Elha, Sassa, Zephanie, Kyle and hosts Robbie and Yeng) Many Filipinos closely watched the second season of The Voice Kids Philippines over the last four weeks, with the final held on Sunday night and Team Bamboo's Elha Nympha named the overall winner. Several names started to create buzz online, even before the first “Sing Off” round, specifically Telesa ‘Esang’ De Torres, Reynan Dal-Anay, Zephanie... continue reading